Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Very Pinteresting...

I'm pretty sure by now you all know about Pinterest.  I LOVE IT!   I love it because it's full of stuff that appeals to me, and my eye.  And it's full of stuff that I can/will actually do!

I saw a picture of a darling pillow with felt birdies sewn to it.  I thought, "I can do that!  I WANT to do that!" 
So, I went to The Handmaiden in Sandy.  Have you been there???  A wonderful sewing/craft shop.  I spent about $7.00 on some pieces of wool felt.

Then at Hobby Lobby I used my COUPON
and got a couple of yards of twill.  I think that was around $7.00 as well.
I came home and got to work!

The birdie pillow turned out SO CUTE!!!
I sewed it with an envelope closure on the back and put it on a 16X16 pillow form.  Then I made another one for my friend for her birthday.

Then I got a little nuts and made a pennant pillow, and put some more birdies in a frame.

So, now there is a lot of matchy stuff in my living room, but who cares, right?

SO FUN!  And it is all so cute!  And- I still have twill and felt left, so call me if you need some! ;)
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Sea Creatures

It is an absolute life science fest at the beach!!

So much to see, and so much to learn. It's pretty much like being in the movies Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid.

We saw "Sea Enemies" ;)

Sea urchins, sea stars, (live ones) and plenty of sand crabs and hermit crabs. Creepy for the mom, fun for the kids!

And LOTS and lots of seaweed.

Stomp on it, or pull a big clump of it around while your sister sings "Poor Unfortunate Soul"! :)
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