Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday Nights are Alright!

Boy, do the weekends take on a different life after you have kids!! It used to be, "Where are we going? What are we doing? Where is the party?" but now, it's all about STAYING HOME, settling in, and enjoying some time with my children. Greg works on Friday nights, so it's just me and Cannon and Harper.
A while back, Cannon and I discovered that the new Antenna Channel airs a 3 hour chunk of The Three Stooges from 6-9 on Friday nights.
Good, clean fun, right? All week long, Cannon will ask, "Are the 3 Stooges on tonight? Is our party tonight?" We all look forward to our Friday night pajama party!

I have been letting them pick a special treat to snack on while we watch. Sometimes it's crackers and cheese, sometimes popcorn, sometimes even doughnuts! Last night, Cannon picked strawberry shakes, and HE wanted to make them. He did a great job! Yummmmyy!

Then we get everyone snuggled up in the bed with their favorite blankets, and watch. And sometimes, if you're lucky, Cannon will re enact scenes for you. ;) Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday

The kids got up early, but not tooo early! BIG excitement when they found the baskets the Easter Bunny had hidden. Cannon yelled, "TOYS!!!" and Harper yelled, "CHOCOLATE!!!". Then I made them get BACK into their Easter outfits and attempt a cute picture. Not so lucky, oh well!

Then Greg called. He was getting off work early because it was a stock market holiday, and work was slow so they were letting people off early. YAY! So, I quickly got the kids BACK into regular clothes and ready for the BEES BASEBALL GAME! Usually just Greg and Cannon go, but the weather and time of day were right, so we all went! It was Harper's first game. She met Bumble the bee and got his autograph. She thought that was pretty cool!

The kids and Greg and I had a nice time. They liked the game, and the bee, and to run around in the stands. I have no idea who won. I do know we were playing Tacoma. And I do know that a bum out front caught a foul ball! :)

Happy Easter!!!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Party!

Grandpa hooks the pinata to a pulley, so every kid can reach

watch out, Grandpa WILL blast you with Silly String!

Every year, we have the wonderful tradition of spending "Easter Saturday" with Greg's family.
This year we had the shin dig at Gary and Sylvia's house. I'll bet Gary and Sylvia love having all their boys together, and all of their grandkids around (except Ashley, who's on a mission and was GREATLY missed!)(and Brayden! Where was Brayden?). We were also joined this year by Kim's sister Angie and her cute little girl Qiana. Bonus!

Each year the party consists of an egg hunt, pinata, Silly String fight, fishing, and bunny hop games. And LOTS of candy and LOTS of prizes and LOTS of cousins running around. It is WONDERFUL! We were freezing our buns off, but we stayed outside and had a proper Easter party anyway. :)

one of my favorite things about Greg's brothers are their smiles. I love how Aarons nose crinkles! I love how Jeff's whole face is happy.

by the end of the day, you're covered in confetti and silly string, but you don't care!

a swing full of cousins makes me happy :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Fun Easter Craft

Gotta have one to do with the kids, right? I found this cute idea on the Martha Stewart website HERE . She used REAL blown-out eggs, of course, but we decided that wooden and papier mache eggs from Hobby Lobby would be more user-friendly.

We invited our cute neighbors over. This cute girl is in Cannon's kindergarten class. I pre-painted the eggs the night before so they could get right to work. I let them choose from birdies, chickens, chicks, bunnies, and baby bunnies. A little bit of glue, felt and a few embellishments, and ALL DONE! Super cute and super easy! The bunnies are my favorite, with their cute bunny teeth!

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