Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goodbye, Tonsils! *graphic pic included*

Yesterday, Harper finally got her tonsils out! She has never really slept great, due to "obstructive sleep apnea". Basically, her gi-normous tonsils blocked her airway. They touched each other in the back of her throat! They crossed each other when she got sick! Sometimes, she'd even gag on yogurt.

Our doctor wanted to wait till she was 2, to have them out, for safety reasons. So... IN WE WENT as soon as the holidays were over!

Poor little thing! This was the third time she's been put under anesthesia in her short little life! First for ear tubes, then for a clogged tear duct. Neither time was pleasant in the recovery room. She gets CRaNkY!!!! And she is La-La-LOUD!!!!

But they are wonderful at the Avenues Surgical Center, and very well equipped for kids. Lots of fun stickers, and little socks and gowns. And little monitors that fit on their toes.

AND they are ready with those LOOOOOPY drugs to get them calm before hand! Thank goodness!

Surgery only took about 40 minutes. As I feared, she was NOT happy when she woke up. Luckily, the smarty nurse gave her some extra pain medicine, so she went to sleep soon after in daddy's arms.

We were able to get her dressed and home while she was still groggy.

This mama was so happy to get her baby home! I was so worried! And so relieved that everything went smoothly.

She did really well yesterday, eating, and drinking, and taking her medicine. She's continuing that today also. BUT, she is not reacting well to the Tylenol with Codeine!!! She is HYPER! And WILD!! And she's acting like a dog, and licking her arms, and jumping all over the place!! Kind of funny, yes.

I'm also glad to see she's not in any pain. BUT- I would rather see her pain free and groggy and resting. We'll see what we can do about that.

So far so good. She (and I) didn't sleep really well last night, but from what I did observe, even with a swollen throat she is breathing so much easier! No more mouth breathing! No more snoring! No more Darth Harper!
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Monday, February 7, 2011

She's Wild!

Here's the sight I was privvy to today when I went to see why Harper hadn't fallen asleep for her nap yet......

Does it look like there was a blizzard in her crib? A little. Guess again. SHE TORE ALL OF THE STUFFING OUT OF HER PILLOW!!!


I remember at my baby shower for Cannon, one of the pieces of advice I got was: "Keep the camera handy, you won't yell right away, and you'll be happy to have the picture later on."

This is good advice. With Cannon, I used this advice 2, maybe 3 times by the time he was Harper's age.

I think I'd better keep the camera as handy as my cell phone with this girl! It is good though, it keeps you from freaking out right away, if you have to take a moment to get the camera.


The poor pillow! I came in, and she said, "Look, Mama! Castle! Ta-da!"

I need to get this girl to the beach.

There is the poor pillow carcass. I guess your innards aren't safe, even when the zipper is on the inside of the pillow case!!!!!

Live and learn. Again!!!
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Missing Johnny

My nephew Johnny left in May on an LDS mission. He is in Indiana. MAN we miss him! He is always the life of the party, always the 2nd loudest, (me being the LOUDEST), always the hungriest. Always there, always available, always ready to hang out. It's been an adjustment not to have him a phone call away!

We get emails from him every week. Luckily! In the beginning they were mostly filled with lots of hahahahahahahahahahaahahhaha's and :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)'s.

We nicknamed him "Speed Racer". "I've got to read my scriptures, hahahahahaha!!" "I need some new shoes, hahahahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!!" etc.

I always read the emails to Cannon.

Cut to yesterday: Cannon brought home his journal from Kindergarten. This one's all filled up, so he got to bring it home and start a new one at school. They write or draw in it every day at the beginning of class. They are free to write whatever they want. I PORED through every page. So funny, and heartwarming, to see what's on my son's mind.

There are 2 entries in a row about Johnny. There are no dates, so I can only assume it's soon after he left, and after reading a weekly email. Now, one concern I have, since I'm anal about spelling, is, well, his spelling!!! They have a new "sight word" program in the Jordan School District, and he can read ANYTHING, and he reads a full grade level ahead. So I'm wondering why in the world he can't spell. Oh well.

Anyway, I'll translate these pages to the best of my ability:
"That's Nuttin'! Ha Ha Ha!
I drew nothing! Ha Ha Ha!
I heard Johnny always say Ha Ha Ha!
And I heard that Johnny is on a mission.
I hope he is home soon"

Next one:
"Hi it's me Cannon HA HA HA I wonder
if Johnny has seen the emails.
This is Cannon until tomorrow."

Ah, my boy. I love him! And I miss Johnny too!
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