Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tee Ball and a Couple of Cutie Pies

Cannon had his first Tee ball game this evening. I enjoy this sooooooooo much more than soccer!!! So fun to see all the little kids running around with half a clue. LOVE IT! Plus, Cannon has a great time playing, and there's always something to do. Games are Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next 4 weeks if you want to come watch.

And here are the obligitory pictures of the cute girls! Harper in her new hat, and our cute Austie! She is Cannon's biggest cheerleader!

Loving being out in this glorious fall weather!
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Monday, September 21, 2009


Yesterday Cannon and Greg went geode/topaz hunting and also found THIS:


Then Greg let Cannon do this:
OH LORDY!!! So, so glad that Harper and I stay home!

They also ran over a snake and saw a crazy lady on a side road. She had a flat but no jack. Also no shoes.
And she said she was driving from California to Salt Lake. And she said her phone had no more minutes. She wanted Greg to stay there!! NO WAY crazy lady. He called AAA for her when he got back to the road and got good reception. Maybe she needed AA too. Glad he got the heck out of there!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Do you ever have those moments when you're hanging out with your family, and everyone's in pajamas and piled up on the bed.......
and your baby stops attacking her brother long enough to CHEESE for the camera ........ and you realize, "This is us. This is Heaven."?
So glad I grabbed the camera to capture it. Have a great night!
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Monday, September 14, 2009

In The Works...

Lots and lots of projects going on! Always a project. I love it!

Look how well the back yard is coming along! Greg is working so hard!

My sister found this sampler that our great-grandma Alice Jensen did. I found the frame AND the matte
at Walmart for $5.00! And just painted the frame a color I liked! Way cute, right? It's hanging in Harper's cute little room.

My mother in law taught me how to needle felt! I need a new craft to do like I need a hole in the head, but I love it any way. Isn't the little pumpkin man cute? LOVE LOVE LOVE fall crafts!

And, I'm busy making things and mixing Moonvine Organics potions for the Annmarie Boutique this
Friday. Please come!!! There will be 15 vendors, lots to see! Friday, September 18th from 9am to 7pm. 9050 South 1300 East in Sandy. It's going on Saturday too, but I'll only be there on Friday.
I'll have all sugar scrubs buy one get one at 1/2 price. That's TWO scrubs for $30.00! Can't beat that!

Here are some of the baby shirts I've been embroidering....

It's going to be a busy week! My fingers will be busy!
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

NINE Months!

I have always been amazed that time does NOT pass this quickly when you are pregnant......

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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Living Planet Aquarium

This place has been here for years, but I hadn't gone. Probably because I was in denial that it took the place of the BEST craft store ever, Mac's. Oh well. Move on Piper!

Patti and Austyn invited Cannon and I to go. Austie said, "I want my very best FWIEND Cannon to go to the Aquarium!" She is so cute, and she and Cannon just adore each other.

Turns out, it was pretty cool! Lots to see, and any kid who loves Finding Nemo loves fish, right? Plus, petting the Sting Rays is very cool as well. I'm sure we will be back.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All Boy

Yes, my son is ALL boy. I hear from him all the time: "No more talking about love, Mom!"
And, "No more kisses!" and, recently, "have fun walking through my fart!"

He best gets to celebrate his boy-ness at my mom's house. Probably because she never says NO! I guess that's what Grandma's are for. They're always digging in the dirt or chopping something down or building forts, etc.
At the last sleep over, Cannon spotted a snake in the front lawn. YIPES!!!! But, it was only a little garden snake. BUT my mom is super paranoid, and everything creepy crawly at her house gets KILLED immediately!

So off went Wa Wa to get her shovel and chopped the poor thing in half. Then Cannon got in on the action too, because he was very excited to tell me he chopped off it's head. Gross.

Then my sister and her family came over with 50 white bass they had caught! So Cannon got to see those get gutted and
filleted. More super gross stuff that I am so so happy I wasn't there for!

Cannon hung out with Stacy while they were there and the put together a skeleton!
And THEN hung it in the playhouse to SCARE people!


I'm so glad Cannon will have these wonderful childhood memories, he sure has lots of adventures for a four-year-old!
(thanks, Stace, for snapping the pics!)
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