Monday, October 7, 2013

Easy EASY Burlap Pumpkin Tutorial

 Last month was our Annual Fall Festival at my son's elementary school.  It is a really fun event, a chance for the students and their families to have a great time together, and it's also the PTA's one fundraiser of the year.  My friend Tamara and I were the "Decorating Committee". OH my, it was such a fun job!  We had corn stalks, paper leaves, and we discovered the magic that is Deco Mesh!  I had purchased quite a LOT of orange burlap when I first saw it at Hobby Lobby.  Only $3.99/yard, and if you use a coupon, it's even cheaper!  I used some to make a bunting that read,  "F A L L   F E S T I V A L", and I had a TON left over.  Tamara came up with the greatest idea:  What if we made "pumpkin sacks"  similar to the orange trash bags you fill up with leaves and put in your yard?  She has the BEST ideas, and she is so crafty.  You can check out her blog HERE.
I was really excited so I got to work on that burlap!  I will say this about the material, be prepared for a bit of a mess.  Just put down old sheets, and wear old clothes.  Kind of like you're getting ready to paint.   I included a couple of tips that cut down on some of the mess.

Remove one thread from the burlap, marking where you want to cut.  Less mess! 
I also found that spraying it lightly (outdoors) with a clear spray paint cut down on the shedding.

I loved not measuring!  Just make sure you end up with a shape that is more rectangular than square, so you have room to bunch a "stem" at the top.  Sew right sides together with a zig zag stitch.

I added an angle at the bottom, it helped the pumpkins shape better.  After you finish sewing, turn your sack right side out.

STUFF STUFF STUFF it with old newspapers, or whatever you want!  I just stuffed till the shape was right,
and I felt like it was solid enough not to tip over.

Pumpkins need leaves, right?   This was a great use for some scraps I had.  I just printed out
a clip art leaf, and traced it in different sizes.  Then I pinned and sewed them right-sides together, leaving an opening to attach to a long piece of ribbon.

I sewed around the leaf and down the middle to make it look a bit finished.

PUMPKINS!  Ta-DA!  I made all four of these in one night.

I tied on the ribbon-leaves, and added some tulle and other ribbon scraps.

So cute, and easy!  They made great decorations for our Fall Festival, and great gifts too!