Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Motherhood Is a Juggling Act" - Erica Banks

I'd like to add to that, "try not to get hit in the head in the process!"

Today I felt discouraged. I kept thinking, there's so much to do around this house! Dang! The list went on and on in my head. But Harper refused to take a nap. Whatever! I was frustrated! Then Cannon, who has been a bit sassy lately himself, said, "Guess what Mom? I love you!" Just what I needed to get over myself! And it restored my faith in my son, who I know is a good boy in there somewhere.

Who cares about the bathrooms and the vacuuming and the dishes? That can all wait till tomorrow. I quit fighting the baby and plopped myself on the couch with my 2 kids and a bowl of kettle corn and watched a movie. Cannon's choice, "Spider-Man 3" All my stress just melted away. Amazing.
So happy for these 2 healthy happy kids. So glad Cannon likes his little sister and always makes sure she's okay.
Thanks for the cute outfit, Auntie Kim! Can you believe it fits already????
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Here's what we did on Valentine's day...

Harper wore her new CUTE hat and sweater that Aunt Liz made, Greg took us for a nice lunch at La Frontera. What's more Valentine's than Mexican food?
I got some new (old) furniture. My favorite. I painted it. Can't wait to show you!!!

And Cannon and I made some cookies!!! Yum yum!!!

As fans of the movie "Nacho Libre", Cannon decided to decorate the cookies the same way Ignacio puts the cheeeeps on theee salad. A pretty good way to make sure a whole tray of cookies stay at home for yourself, son!!

Hope you all had a nice day too!!! XXxxOOXxOoOOxx
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Months

This disco dancing picture of Harper and her bear happened by accident. How funny! Look at the big girl! She had her check up today and weighs 9lbs 12oz and is 21.7" long! She's growing so fast. How come 2 months doesn't go by this fast when you're pregnant?
Cannon had his check up too, and is in the 97th percentile for height. He has always been tall, tall, tall. Luckily he doesn't have to have any more shots till he's 12 years old. We were all very happy to find that out!

Posted by PicasaHere is Cannon at 2 months. See the resemblance?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Smiles & Tiny Toes

Harper smiles back! This sure makes all the fussing time easier to handle! (poor thing has poo-job problems)
She sure looks a lot like her brother. I'll do a post next time comparing baby pics.
Baby's first pedi! I think it makes changing a diaper at 3am nicer when these cute toes pop out of the jammies!
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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Unexpected Fun

Yesterday morning I got a call. The caller ID said it was my inlaws, but it was Aaron on the line! He and Kim and Elsie are in town for a funeral, which is sad. I'm so happy we got the opportunity to be together though! When I told Cannon where we were going, he said, "Oh good! Elsie and I have good ideas!"

The ideas consisted mostly of chasing each other around! It's so fun now that Elsie is older and more interactive! She and Cannon had a great time and really love each other. That makes me so happy! You know how I feel about cousins!

Cannon wouldn't put these glasses on, but Elsie would! What a funny girl!

And, I was so happy to see that Aaron has a new shirt! I swear he's been wearing the same 2 shirts for at least 3 years! Apparently he's picky about t shirts! Geez! Well Aaron, I know I always give you a hard time. You looked very nice in your new shirt. I'll look forward to seeing this one for the next 3 years! Ha ha!
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

A product I can use!

Seriously!! Is it age? Kids? Pregnancies? Lack of sleep? Too much going on? My brain is mush!
My life is a pile of sticky notes! Is this happening to anyone else?
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cannon and Austyn can't get enough of each other! It makes me so happy! I't so fun to see the two of them getting along and having so much fun together. Yesterday at WaWa's, they made Valentines and ate strawberries together.
So so cute, they were grabbing the fork from each other to feed each other! Dang cute kids!
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