Sunday, August 22, 2010


Have I mentioned before that my husband is a great Dad? He is so involved..... a quality which is very important to me. He and Cannon have a great relationship, with many similar interests. They love to hang out together, and get in the dinky truck and just go off on adventures.

Today they went to a Bees game. Greg is trying to pass on the tradition of getting autographs, but Cannon gets too shy to talk to the players. Greg loves taking awesome photos of the players, then going back and having them autograph the pics he took. Pretty cool, huh? I'd name drop, but I have no clue who or what.... which is why Harper and I stay home and paint toenails! :)

Last week, Cannon did a 4-day golf clinic at River Bend. HE LOVED IT! I love it! You can't get injured. You have to do math in your head to keep track of your score. You develop hand-eye coordination. And, I think you have to be fairly graceful. It is a very manners-oriented game. You have to be patient. Perfect, if you ask me. You have to be 6 to be in the Utah Junior Golf Association, but Cannon's skill and height let him in before the mark.

A while back, (BEFORE the controversy) Greg found Cannon a set of Jr. Tiger Woods clubs. Well, my boy loves them, because they are his favorite color, red. LUCKILY! I'm sure I'll have to one day have a conversation about this, like, "go for the cash, not the ass" if he starts to say he wants to be like Tiger. ;) We'll see!

I am so proud of this boy! And he loves his dad! We all do!
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Friday, August 20, 2010

To Tell the Tooth...

Cannon lost his first tooth on Wednesday! It (and some others) have been wiggling for quite some time. He has been patiently and not so patiently waiting for one to pop out! We were at the dentist a few months ago, and he told Cannon it wouldn't come out till he was 6. HA! We beat that by a few months!

So, it was finally wiggly enough, and Cannon let me pull it out. I LOVE TO PULL OUT TEETH! Weird, huh? I used to beg to pull out my niece's and nephew's teeth. And even some neighbor kids. I love to get the tissue around it and twist and rip and PULL! Awesome.

Cannon thought the blood was cool, so we were both happy. So, we pulled the tooth, luckily after he had brushed them! Then we called a couple of grandparents, cousins, and aunts.

Then we nestled that tooth gently into its special box, and since Cannon's such a wild

sleeper, we thought it'd be best to put it up on his headboard. Safely next to his Spider-man watch and airplane. :)

Can you believe it, that Tooth Fairy came! There were traces of her, glitter here and there where she had perched. Probably to make sure Cannon was sleeping!

He got a gold dollar and a real dollar! Score!

Now, we're working on the next one!
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Granny Kate's Mirror

Today would've been my Granny Kate's 94th birthday! Harper Kate is named after her. Granny was FEISTY! and SPUNKY! and SASSY! And, so is my daughter. Granny Kate would watch Golden Girls with me and explain the slut jokes. Granny Kate taught me how to flip the bird. ("if a man ever says 'prove your love', you give em one of these! :extend middle finger:)

When Grandma sold her house, I got her hand mirror. It always sat in a basket in her bathroom that had her curlers in it. It even has a smudge of the pink that her bathroom was

Recently, Harper found it. It was tucked away in a cupboard, and she found it. She is fascinated with it. Not so much with the reflection, but the mirror. I re-hide it, and she finds it again. I try to take it away and she gets MAAADDD!

So, weird, and not so weird, right? I guess the piss-and-vinegar will carry on through yet another generation. And that's just fine with me!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! We miss you and love you every single day!
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Fun Visit

The other night we got to see Uncle Jeff and Aunt Nicole and have dinner with them. We always have such a fun time together.

The kids love all the extra attention. And since Jeff and Nicole don't have little ones at home anymore, (all teens!) I think it's fun for them too!

Our kids are so lucky to be surrounded by so much family! They can definitely feel the love.

Cannon was a bit wild. Then he fell off the stool and clunked his head. I think it knocked the naughtiness right out of him!

Then he was content to sit with Uncle Jeff and Harper and read books.
So so cute! What a great Aunt and Uncle! We love you Jeff and Nicole!
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And We're Off!

We got the first day of Kindergarten under our belts! Way cool, for all of us! My boy will be gone in the mornings all week long! It's a relief as well as a worry. I hope I've done my job so far, that he's acting like a decent human being out there in the world!

He was VERY cooperative this morning, getting ready. This was unusual. He is usually as slow as molasses! He got ready and packed his back pack!

The bus picks up in our neighborhood, just a short walk out our back gate..... he is still the King of Dinking Around, though.

On the way there, "Look Mom! A chewed up tennis ball!"
"Yes, son, keep walking!"

He already knows some of the kids that take the bus in the morning with him, he was excited to sit by them.

He just hopped right on, and that was that!

He had a great first day. He says the bus is more fun than school though. Silly. He made some friends in class already and "built with blocks and gears". And the teacher has some sign language that they'll all use when they need to go to the bathroom. Cannon says he got that taken care of right away.
And they have a drinking fountain right in their classroom! What a luxury! And he caught a grasshopper at recess.

Can you imagine a more perfect way to begin your official school career?

Way to go, Cannon Boy! Off we go!
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Drive

Greg's new job allows him to be on a "normal" schedule, at least for a bit. Monday through Friday, with weekends off. WEIRD to have him home on a Sunday! Fun though, because today we took a nice drive up the canyon. We ended up at Brighton and jaunted up a little trail for a bit. Cooler temps and the lovely woodsy smell are wonderful! Lots of rocks and bugs for the kids to look at, and lots of nature for Greg to take pictures of. Everyone was happy!
A short and sweet trip, as our "screaming mimi" needed a nap. I wonder if other people in the woods thought there was a banshee. Dang she's loud!! So, a nice trip, and a nice drive home, and a nice nap for Baby Cakes! A good day.

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