Monday, June 30, 2008

Did We Have the Best Time Ever? You BETTE!!!

What a fun Sunday! For our birthdays this year, my friends Michael and Donna flew us all to Las Vegas to see Bette Midler! Can you believe it? We even got to take a private airplane! What a luxury. You just pull right up, show your ID, and get in the plane. No security, and they even valet your car! Wow.

The show was OVER THE TOP. Spectacular. Everything a Vegas show should be and more. Salty songs and trashy jokes. Just up my alley!
Bette is a true entertainer, in every sense of the word. There was glitter everywhere! She had a massive line of dancers, the Caesar Salad Girls, and great back up singers and a wonderful band. We were so close! 6th row and right next to the stage! We could have reached out and grabbed her she was that close!!! I still don't believe what I saw with my own eyes! This teeny tiny 62 year old danced hard and sang even harder for 2 hours! Wow. Her voice is fabulous. It sounded beautiful. Much better than I've ever heard her sound on a recording.
We were laughing and crying through the whole thing. She will be there in rotation with Cher and Elton John for 2 years. If you get a chance to go, DO IT! You will not be dissapointed!

After the show, Allen treated us to dinner at Spago. Another once in a lifetime treat. High end restaurants, in my opinion, are one of the few areas in life where you get what you pay for. I ordered salmon. I am still thinking about it. Even the carrots tasted extra-special. Our waiter was named Zoltan!!! And we couldn't understand a damn thing he said!! Which made us feel even more fancy-schmancy!!
It was a quick one night stay, but it was perfect. Something I shared with my beautiful friends that I will not soon forget...
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Cousins!

Today Cannon and I went to Aunt Liz's, since her 3 grandsons are spending the night. Aunt Nola and her grandson came too, and we headed off to the adventure duck park, in Highland. How fun! 5 boys!!! They were all so good together! They had fun throwing bread in the pond for the fish and the ducks. Then we had a picnic there and after lunch we went back to Liz's to run through the sprinklers. It was good to wash some of that pond off!! Yuck! I was surprised that they weren't that into the sprinklers, they wanted to ride bikes and Big Wheels. Busy and fun day! We'll sleep good tonight!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


These two just adore each other! It makes me so happy! Yesterday Cannon asked for an "Austyn Day". We went to hang out with her at WaWa's. They get so excited when they see each other!! Austyn always laughs and screams and does a dance when Cannon comes in the door. She is one tough cookie, and she gives him a run for his money. It's good for Cannon, she teaches him patience.
I love that these two are growing up together. Nothing like a cousin, right?
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Saturday, June 21, 2008


My Great-Niece Austyn is cutting molars, poor thing! Guess what worked to sooth her last week? A nice cold slice of watermelon! She went to town on this piece and didn't even want to give up the rind! Oh the relief!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More craftiness

What a fun project! Greg's cousin Heather is having a baby girl! We are all so excited! She loves vintage style like me so I had a ton of fun picking out fabric for her baby stuff! I also got to use my vintage embroidery patterns for the quilt. My favorite!
And, I love my hemstitching lady! She will hemstich almost anything, for not much moolah, which is nice. I had her do the collar of this little tiny onesie, so I could crochet a collar on it! It turned out lovely, I will be sure to have her do more.... plus lots and lots of bibs and burp rags, you can never have too many of those!

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

June 8th

Happy happy birthday Greg! You are such a great husband and Dad and we love you so much!!

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Friday, June 6, 2008


For the last couple of weeks Cannon has been on a "why is it called that?" kick. For instance, "Why is that called a sidewalk?" and my genious response is: "Because it's on the side of the road and you walk on it." and so on and so on. My point was to try to get him to think about and figure things out for himself, which he has been doing. I was so proud! Until last night: "Mom, why are they called astronauts? Because they are NOT an ASS?" Very good son, very good.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Swing Set

There is a new attraction at WaWa's! As if it wasn't exciting there enough for the grandkids! Austyn and Cannon just love it, and I'm sure if there was a way to sleep on the swingset, they would. They already eat in the fort whenever possible. We took our neighbor Olivia with us there on Monday to play too. Of course, there's my mom, down with the kids as usual, making them crack up!
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Good Job Ash!

Ashley graduated last week from Springville High! We are so proud of her, she is such a wonderful girl! She's well on her way to a nursing degree already! We had a fun day with family and cute Melissa Deakin made this custom print for me with a quote from Audrey Hepburn, Ashley's favorite. I had it framed and it turned out so nicely! Ashley loved it, that's what I was going for! Way to go Ashley! What a big moment for you!
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