Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24th!

What a great 24th of July we had today!! 
Most of us in the neighborhood have our first day of school tomorrow. (Year-Round School Schedule!)

So, that meant that we couldn't be up partying all night long!

I thought it would be fun to do a late afternoon bike parade, followed by a BBQ and a few fireworks with our neighborhood.  IT WAS SO FUN! 

Who knew a bike parade would be so easy to pull off, with maximum results for everyone!
Those kids all looked so proud and happy to be in a parade!  Each bike, trike, and scooter was decorated so cute!

I loved every second of it!

Then we all congregated in our common area, and shared some yummy food, and some laughs. 

All the kids have so much fun together, and look out for each other!  I am more grateful every single day for the neighborhood I live in!

Our boundaries have split us, so about half of the kids will be going to a different elementary.  I'm so glad these friendships are already so solid!  It won't matter if they're not on the bus every day together, they'll still be tight!
Love, love, love!

Happy Pioneer Day!

And here's to a great new school year!
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