Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Harper's First Day of Preschool!

Holy cow I can't believe it! Harper is old enough to go to Mrs. Brown's Preschool!

We picked out her backpack and outfit weeks ago. And yesterday was finally the day! She will be gone 3 mornings a week, for 2 1/2 hours. It's a bit strange without my shadow!

She took off, out of the car. Here is the image burned on my heart. My baby, walking away from me! She doesn't need us so much anymore! She even said, "You guys don't have to walk me in!" Um, YES we do! At least on the first day anyway!

She went in and hung up her backpack, and found her name tag, and got right to work. And she waved at us, and we left, and that was it! No tears, from anyone! I can't believe I didn't cry.

I did cry this weekend though, when Harper got a big girl bed and we sold the crib/changing table set. A new chapter in life. My babies aren't babies any more.

After school, my mom, Austyn, Cannon and I went to pick her up. The kids were a little late coming out. That's typical, for the first day when they're learning about the new routines. BUT it seemed like it was taking a LONG time for the kids to come out. Finally, they started out, but NO HARPER. As each kid passed that wasn't mine, my panic rose. What if she was in trouble? What if she was hurt? What if she was having a dang hizzy fit, and wouldn't come out? (hey, it could really happen!) FINALLY, I saw her and Mrs. Brown, hurrying out. Relief! Guess what the hold up was?

"I had to pee, Mom!" Geez!

Then she commenced to tell us every single detail of her day.
And how she has lots and lots of friends, and how Mrs. Brown read them the BEST BOOK EVER. And how they sang songs, and did a dance, and Mrs. Brown even has tissue and hand sanitizer if she has a booger-snot. And how you're NOT supposed to pick your nose at school! ( I suppose she learned that first hand!)

Then we met Stacy at Sizzler for a celebratory lunch. Cheers, and great job Harper, you're on your way!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Granny Kate's Cupboard: AFTER

It's finally finished!  And in Harper KATE's room.

It is so beautiful, and she plays with it every day.  I am so happy!  there are places high enough for special things, and low enough for her to play on.

I love the scalloped edges.  And I put a sampler that my great-grandma from my mother's side made on the top.  So there are Grandmas all over the place in Harper's room!

I love seeing her play in her room. Looking in her jewelry box for something to wear, and asking, "Would you like some tea?"  

And she knows exactly why it's special:  "Because it's really old, and it was Granny Kate's and I'M Harper Kate!  And because Jenn Gray helped paint it!"    She is a HUGE Jenn Gray fan! (me too!)
 It turned out perfectly!  I finally got the drill out yesterday, and put the doors on.  I used the original hinges and screws, but replaced the knobs.

Granny Kate has been gone for nine years now, but it sure is wonderful to be able to remember her in this way, every single day. :)
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Granny Kate's Cupboard: DURING

After everything was puttied, sanded, and painted with a fresh coat of white paint, my wonderful friend Jenn Gray came over to  help me antique it.  Her blog has lots of wonderful ideas and tutorials, as well as all of the techniques we used here.  There was some Chalk Paint, and soft wax and buffing involved, but also some Mojitos, so I can't remember exactly everything she did! ;)

She first defined the corners with some dark brown craft paint.   Then she did more distressing with the chalk paint and soft wax.  Isn't she such a great friend!?

 Then we had to wrap it in plastic and wait a couple of days!  EEEP!

So exciting!!!  .......
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Granny Kate's Cupboard: BEFORE

This was my Granny Kate's cupboard, two years ago.  I had swiped it out of my sister Patti's garage.  (She had rescued it from Grandma's when her house was sold.) 

Boy, was it beat up!  It always sat in the corner of Granny's kitchen, with her "best" dishes on it, some of her coffee cups were even displayed on little screw-in hooks! 

She had it rigged to the wall with a spring, so it wouldn't fall over. 

There were layers of paint, and even varnish.  Lots of cracks, and broken parts.  But I have always loved this cupboard, it was worth rescuing!

Lots of sanding, sanding sanding!  And wood putty.  And a good disinfecting!  With distilled white vinegar.

This began in the Summer of 2010....

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