Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Frieda Loves Bread

Who doesn't love bread?? Hmmmm? Who loves bread AND can bake? Frieda! Frieda is married to a family/neighborhood friend. We have known her forever. The bonus? She's the daughter of my elementary school principal!!! The double bonus? She had a give away on her Facebook Page and I WON!!!

I even got to pick my prize!! Of course, cinnamon rolls, which we all love! They were hand delivered last night! With a tub of cream cheese frosting!

Can you see Cannon's excitment!!!

Mmmmmmmm..... yummy yummy in our tummies!! Thank you so much Frieda!!

Check out her website HERE.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Well, our Cannon Boy turns 6 today, whether we like it or not! In some ways, it has flown by, and in other ways I have physically felt every minute. Weird how that works!

Happy birthday to our big Kindergartener! Cannon, you are funny, super smart, caring, adventurous, loving, inquisitive, thoughtful, stubborn, handsome, and, kind.

You are a wonderful Big Brother, son, grandson, nephew, and cousin.

You make everyone HAPPY!

We love you all the way up to the stars!

Happy happy birthday to our Cannon Everett Wise!!!
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

All-Boy Bash!

Some how, somewhere along the line, my little boy grew up!!! How can I tell? He's turning 6 this year, and he decided he'd like a "friends party". So, the planning began. He decided, of course, on a Star Wars theme. Then, the more we got into planning, and decorating, we thought it would be a good idea to have an all-boy guest list. Which, I think was a good decision, I can't imagine a poor girl in that sea of boys!

We had a Clone Wars movie playing, and the kids all watched that while everyone arrived. Then it was time to eat! Pizza and Yoda Sodas! (lime sherbet with Sprite) Everyone got some 3-D glasses, because the cups, plates, napkins, etc. were all 3-D! Cool!

Then we played a couple of games, "Rescue the Princess", where they had to pop balloons and find a picture of a princess inside, and a version of pin-the-whatever-on-the-something. :)

Then, presents... how exciting for ALL of them!!! It was fun to see how excited they all were to have Cannon open their present, and all the "oohs" and "aahs" and "COOLS!"

Then the cake, and Cannon requested trick candles. I'm not really sure how tricky it is if you're expecting it, but it was exciting all the same!

What a fun day!!! So fun to see my little boy all grown up, hanging out with his pals. And you know what? He has some really nice, cute friends. ALL of them! Isn't he so lucky? (and what a relief for the Mama!)
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve, 2010

Things sure look different on New Years when you're a MOMMY!! Aunt Stacy comes over, and hangs out, and does everything the kids want. They love it! AND they love their Aunt 'Tacy
Then you do confetti party poppers with the neighbor kids. (I bought this pack at Target called "Kickin' Party". It lasted about 15 minutes!)
Then, after din-din and baths, you make a "camp-out" on the floor and settle in to watch a good old Star Wars movie. AND you let your kids stay up late (8:30, woo hoo!) AND have ice cream. (Poor Greg had to work)
Then, when the kids start fighting a little too much, you put them to bed, and tuck them in. And fall asleep yourself at 10pm. A KICKIN' party, indeed!
Happy New Year!
( I was up at midnight, for a bit though, Harper got sick in the night. Even more exciting!)
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