Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easy Spring/Easter Craft

It's time to get the Easter decorations out! Hooray!
I have this space above my cupboards in my kitchen..... I like to change it out with the seasons. Sometimes that works out really well, sometimes NOT! This year, it's bugging me.
So, I went down into my craft HOARD and found 2 art canvases. One is 9X12, one is12X12.

I didn't have the paint colors I needed, so I got some at Hobby Lobby. So, this project cost me $4! Because I already had all of the other supplies.
So- two quick coats of paint.
Then Google "Easter Silhouette Images" and pick something you like. I had to enlarge mine on the copier, by 50 - 80%. Cut out your image and trace onto cardstock. Mine is Bazzil Basics, because I like the texture, in a nice chocolate brown.

And, to get them to stick and to give everything the same finish, MOD PODGE!! I like the gloss finish. :)
Two coats of that.
Then I swiped a twig from my yard for the birds and gave the bunny a nice bow.

The area isn't done yet, but it fills in some of that space nicely! And I can leave the birdies up past Easter!
So, run with it! I know you are all WAY more creative than me... it would be fun to see what you do!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beach Bums

Whenever we go to California, we know we will be spending a majority of the time at the beach.... Solana Beach! We are LUCKY that we have such a lovely place to stay!

The last time we were there, Harper was only 4 months old, she really didn't dig it. This time she LOVED it! That girl loves to get down and dirty! She kept saying, "Harper Me! See the 0-chun!" She mainly liked to huck sand.

Cannon is all over the place and does a little bit of everything.

Oh, the ocean! The lulling sound of the waves. The fresh ocean smell! It is hypnotic. We love it!

Gotta get pics of Cannon writing his name and Harper's little footprints.

Greg is from California, salt water runs in his veins. He loves being in his home state!

-March 10 & 12, 2011-
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things To Remember About Disneyland...

-It really is "The Happiest Place On Earth"! Always beautiful, always clean.

-The Snow White ride is FREAKING SCARY!!! Loud, DARK, SPOOKY!! No matter how much your little one likes the movie, that ride will FREAK HER OUT!!!

-It really is MAGICAL. You can shrink down to fairy size and meet your very favorite Pixie. And she will know your name. And she knows you love her. And the Mommy will
definitely cry!

-Every scene is set beautifully. And you will get hundreds of wonderful pictures. And you will walk till your legs feel like they're going to fall off. And you'll be totally pooped out when you leave. But it is all worth it!!

--March 9, 2011
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This Week...

Pudding's on the menu! (And on Harper's nose!)
My poor kids are sick! Of course, right when we go back on track. Cannon was back for one day and now they both have the croup.
I hate the croup!
The croup is the poops!
So, I'm just letting them graze on snacks all day. Whatever sounds good, goes. It's hard to get them to eat when they don't have

an appetite!

And Cannon's not so sick that he can't duck out of a photo!! That's good, I guess!

Lots of time spent in jammies, in bed reading, on the couch watching TV and movies.....
Oh please oh please let them get better quickly!
We've had our fill of hacking coughs and boogie-snots!