Saturday, December 27, 2008


Someone had their first Christmas! I have a feeling that she wasn't too excited...
We woke up to a VERY white Christmas this year! The wind pelted the snow on all the houses in our neighborhood, it looked like a winter wonderland. We almost got snowed in though! We got stuck a bit on the way out of our neighborhood. Yikes! I'm glad we were able to get out to both Grandma's houses. I would miss being with family, my favorite part of the holiday.
Merry Christmas! (a little late) Hope you all had a wonderful day!
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Friday, December 19, 2008

Big Brother

Yesterday I got out of the house!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! I took the kids to my mom's house. I have 2 carseats in my back seat now!
Yesterday Harper was a week old. And Cannon finally requested to hold her. Poor boy, his world is out of order! He's adjusting quite nicely though. Lots of changes for all of us!! I think we'll start having a party at 2am, since we all seem to be awake at that time.
Baby is still sleepy all day and awake at night! We're trying to bug her a lot in the daytime so she'll switch that around.
Only a week till Christmas, and that means another outing! This month always seems to fly by so fast, more so this year for sure!
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

A PINK Christmas!!!

Harper Kate Wise is here!!! Born December 11 at 1:24am. 6lbs, 1oz 17"long. She is so teeny tiny, but doing very well!
Cannon, Mommy and Daddy are over the moon.
And she has her daddy's scowl!!
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Moonvine Products

Natalie and I have been working on some recipes for scented products! Here's what we've come up with: Wonderful soy candles and organic sugar scrubs!

Soy melts at a lower temperature, so when the candle is melted you can use it to moisturize your skin. It's natural, so it just absorbs right in. Perfect for dry and chapped winter hands and cuticles. Plus, you can smell like your favorite candle! $10.00

Now let's address "furnace skin". I love that we have a working furnace to make us nice and toasty when the weather's cold, but man! Dry heat does a number on your skin. Sugar scrub is excellent at getting to that good layer that isn't all dry and itchy! The sugar exfoliates, and the oils moisturize. Two steps in one. $20.00

Find this and other great gift ideas at And if you live here and would like to save on shipping, just contact me directly and we can get your product to you!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Girth before Birth...

Good lord.....I am huge. I'm out of breath. I can't move around very well. Everything hurts. I have major heartburn. My nausea has returned, but I have gestational diabetes so I can't really eat much anyway. I feel like a ticking time bomb! Yipes!

I had another Dr. appointment yesterday, and since I haven't dilated anymore, I was let off of restricted bed rest. Now it's only partial. That was the best! I DROVE yesterday!!! And my mom and I took Cannon to see Bolt. A very cute, non-agenda movie. We all really liked it.

So now I feel like a person again, I can do a little more, which makes me very happy. Still some baby stuff to get ready.

And it's DECEMBER!!! I can't believe that one. We will be having the simplest Christmas around here. We'll see how it goes. Just a tree, no major decorating. Maybe we'll get a Christmas card out, maybe we won't. Maybe I'll get some toffee made, maybe not. Most important is for Cannon to have a good time.

And, I'm so lucky that gift-giving isn't out of hand in my world. On my side of the family, we all draw names. Everyone has something to open when we're all together on Christmas Day, and it's just right. We are all so happy to be crowded into my parent's little house eating my mom's good food. That's what makes us happiest. No stress.

On Greg's side this year, we're just letting the Grandparents do for the kids. WONDERFUL! We don't see Greg's brothers and their families very often, so it is always fun to be together. Plus, don't you think Christmas is for kids anyway? It's much more fun to watch their delight when they open gifts. I always get a lump in my throat. What a boob!

What do you think about Christmas gift giving?
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