Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rest In Peace

On Friday, we buried my dad's ashes. I think this finally gave everyone some closure and peace. It seemed weird without a grave to visit. Before, he was in a wooden box on the freezer in my mom's back room! Kinda weird! Well, maybe only to me.

The cute retired Veterans came and did a nice ceremony, including the 21 gun salute. And they played Taps, that always makes every one cry.

Of course, something weird and dorky always happens, so we're always crying and laughing at the same time. My brother in law fell in the grave! Wooops!

And, we all thought it was so neat to see the man playing Taps on a trumpet, till Greg said there was a tape player in the horn! I swear, next he'll probably tell me there's no Santa Claus.

And when we got home, there was a beautiful double rainbow in the sky! Thanks Dad!
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Love It When You Call Me Big Poppa..

No, really he hates it! Happy Father's Day Greg! WE love you so much! Thanks for being such an involved Dad. You are so wonderful and your children (and I) love you so much!!!
Daddy and his boy....
Harper, as a newborn with Daddy.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Holy Flippin' Fun!

Last night we drove CLEAR to Mapleton to Jeff and Nicole's for a BBQ! I decided I LOVE having family that lives in the country! Sorry guys, but you'll never get rid of me now!

We had the best time hanging out! Jeff is such a cute Uncle! He was jumping on the tramp with Lexi and Cannon.

Then the kids had to wash their feet after because they were totally BLACK. Aaaah, that takes me back. I remember my trampoline days. I remember a neighbor teaching us how to do back flips and her tube top fell down! Yipes! But, every kid in our neighborhood could do a back flip on the tramp! If I tried now I would just pee my pants.
Does Brayden look like he's wishing for death? I don't think hugging and kissing him is the way to become the favorite Auntie. Oh well! He took the kids to see his lambs, Cannon thought that was so cool! Thanks, Country Cousins! We had the best time!!
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Friday, June 12, 2009

Month Six!

As of yesterday, we officially live with a 6-month-old baby! What a big girl!
As you can see, she has found her toes! She is also liking some different foods. She doesn't really like regular baby food, but she will eat mashed up rice or carrotts. Kind of a rebel all ready I guess!
She is also off the Prevacid (no more acid reflux) and back on soy formula instead of the hypo-allergenic kind. So so great, because that formula was STINKY!!
She is a babbler, and constantly says, "da-da-da-da-da-da-da!" I don't think she knows what she is saying, but I can tell it makes Greg mushy!

Happy half-birthday Harper Kate!

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Work In Progress.....

If you've seen our "backyard", you know it's not really a backyard. It's only about 6 feet wide. We haven't really ever been able to enjoy it, becase it is always very sunny and VERY HOT back there! So Greg is turning it into a courtyard for us! We ripped out the grass, (Yay! now I don't have to fight to keep it alive any more!) and he started putting up a pergola! Next will be some flat rocks for the ground. Can't wait!
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

At The Park

This park used to be called Adventureland Park. It's in Highland I believe. The city bought it and now no one is sure what it's called. One garbage can said "Highland Glen Park" and another one said "Gayland Park" Gayland! Funny.
Anyway, this park has it all. Ducks and geese to feed, fishing, ponds and rivers and walkways and pic nic areas. It's really great. And it's a paradise for Cannon and all his boy cousins. We went today with Pink WaWa, and some of the aunties and cousins.

I lost sight of Cannon for a few minutes. I thought, "oh, he'll be fine, he's with his older cousins" Oh was I wrong! He came up the trail drenched and covered with twigs and river debris. Luckily, only up to his neck. He had a spider dangling off his ear. He calmly reported, "Well, I found a really deep part of the river and I almost drownd-ed." WHAT???!!!!! "Yeah, and I had to hang onto the weeds to get out." Oh my goodness! The more I think about it, the sicker I get! Yipes. THANK GOODNESS he was okay!

I love a baby in a floppy hat!

See this innocent looking stream?????

And this is cute baby Elizabeth, our cousin Heather's little one. Isn't she cute? I'm excited that she and Harper get to grow up together.
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