Friday, June 6, 2008


For the last couple of weeks Cannon has been on a "why is it called that?" kick. For instance, "Why is that called a sidewalk?" and my genious response is: "Because it's on the side of the road and you walk on it." and so on and so on. My point was to try to get him to think about and figure things out for himself, which he has been doing. I was so proud! Until last night: "Mom, why are they called astronauts? Because they are NOT an ASS?" Very good son, very good.


Nicole said...

He's thinking!! What a genius!

Jenifer said...

LOL!!! That is so funny. He's using his mind, that's for sure!

Erica said...

That's hilarious!! I love it when kids come up with precious little gems like that one! ;o)