Sunday, February 8, 2009

Unexpected Fun

Yesterday morning I got a call. The caller ID said it was my inlaws, but it was Aaron on the line! He and Kim and Elsie are in town for a funeral, which is sad. I'm so happy we got the opportunity to be together though! When I told Cannon where we were going, he said, "Oh good! Elsie and I have good ideas!"

The ideas consisted mostly of chasing each other around! It's so fun now that Elsie is older and more interactive! She and Cannon had a great time and really love each other. That makes me so happy! You know how I feel about cousins!

Cannon wouldn't put these glasses on, but Elsie would! What a funny girl!

And, I was so happy to see that Aaron has a new shirt! I swear he's been wearing the same 2 shirts for at least 3 years! Apparently he's picky about t shirts! Geez! Well Aaron, I know I always give you a hard time. You looked very nice in your new shirt. I'll look forward to seeing this one for the next 3 years! Ha ha!
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Erica said...

I love Cannon - kids say the funniest things! I'm glad he has fun with his cousins! Elsie is a cutie :o)

angie said...

oh but i love his "trust me i'm a laywer" and "good for something" t-shirts! hahaha

Kimmy said...

I forgot to comment!

We had such a great time hanging out. I, too, am so glad that Elsie and Cannon like to play together.