Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spanish Show and Tell

My sister Stacy teaches middle school Spanish. The cool thing is, that when she makes assignments for the kids, she participates too. This week her students are doing "Show and Tell" So that means Stacy does it too!
We went to the school yesterday for 5th period so Cannon and Harper could be her show and tell. She told the class all about them in spanish.

Cannon had practiced saying "Hola, clase", but he chickened out. Oh well.

Harper started crying at the end too. Dang kids!

The big highlight for Cannon was that we stayed and had school lunch with Stacy! I swear, the chicken nuggets taste exactly the same! And, what a perk being with a teacher. You get to butt in at the front of the line and eat in the nice quiet faculty room!
And, some floppy haired teen almost walked into Cannon and Stacy yelled, "HEY!! WATCH OUT FOR THE LITTLE KID!!!" She yells louder than me, can you believe it?
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Nicole said...

I think that would be a BLAST! I am sure Cannon was loving it even though he chickened out on his little part! What a cool sister you have! You two crack me up!!

Kimmy said...

That is so cute that she wanted to share Cannon and Harper as her show and tell. What a fun thing for them. And, yes, you two sisters are a great pair. You always make me smile.

Erica said...

How fun to go and visit Stacy at school and to have your kids be the Show and Tell! And even though they clammed up (or didn't, in Harper's case) when it was time to shine, I bet they were the cutest little Show and Tells ever. :o) ("Show and Tells" doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean!) And I laughed out loud when I read about the floppy-haired kid...hilarious!