Monday, July 13, 2009

Bubble Snakes!

I got this idea out of my Family Fun magazine. I LOVE this magazine, it always has lots and lots of great ideas.

Take a plastic drink container and cut the bottom off. Attatch a damp rag with a rubber band. Dip the bottom into a shallow dish of dish soap. And BLOW!!!!!!!!!!

I think we'll try this in the bath too! Austyn and Cannon had BIG GIANT FUN! and the beauty was we could just send them through the sprinkler after to rinse off. Yay!!
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Erica said...

I am TOTALLY going to try this!! My kids would L-O-V-E it!! P.S. Did you say there was a link somewhere to this magazine, or a mailing list I could hop onto? And P.P.S. I almost started drooling when I saw the s'mores pictures. Genius idea to use the fudge-stripe cookies! :o)

Kimmy said...

Elsie would love that. I think I'll try it today. :)