Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Off our big boy goes for his second year of preschool! It was all old hat for him this year. Not even one bit nervous!

He just hopped out of the car and went to class. He usually wants someone to walk in with him, but this year he just said, "Bye!"

When he got home he reported that Mrs. Brown says "Shhhhh" or "Please sit down" if any children are naughty. He (and we) were happy that she never had to say that to him!
Maybe I should try that, because "Cannon you better RUN! I am MAD!!!" And "STOP THAT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" And "QUIT GETTING OUT OF BED OR I'M GOING TO LOCK YOUR DANG DOOR!!!!!!" Are NOT working for me.

Harper and I came home to rest. We both have colds and now she has 2 teeth!

Lots of changes at our house this week!!!
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Nikki said...

Ahhh!! Look how big Harper has gotten in the last couple of month. Holy cow! I can't believe how fast it flies by.
I swear I could go blue in the face trying to manage Liv before she would decide to listen to me. She'll listen to a complete stranger before she'd listen to what I told her.
I'm glad he had a good time at school. We miss you guys!

Erica said...

Hooray, Cannon! Here's to another fun year at Pre-K! Jordan doesn't go back until September 2nd and I think we're both chomping at the bit waiting for the big day to arrive! He looks so handsome - what a grown-up kid he is all of the sudden. I love that his teacher just needs to shush the children or make them sit down to keep things under control. Maybe I need to go back to Pre-K for some parenting tips. ;o) Love you!

Jenifer said...

Cannon is so handsome! What a blessing when the willingly go to school ;)
Hope your cold heals quickly, that's the pits. Even worse when you have to take care of someone else is sick :(

Nicole said...

What an awesome kid Cannon is! I love that he jumps out the car all knowing and part of the "Senior" crew in pre-school! What a hoot! Hope you and Harper start feeling better. This is the time of year for colds and such. Love you!

Vic and Al said...

Isn't it funny when you find yourself saying the things your parents used to say to you? hee hee Mine is "Because I said so!!!"
The kiddos are so cute!

Stacy said...

Oh Cannon! Congratulations on your second year of preschool. You're such a smart boy. I'm so proud of you. Harper! What a cutie pie! I miss seeing you every day now that I've had to go back to work:(
I'm coming to hang out soon.
Love you.

Jadie Jaden Jack said...

Just wait til next year... I freaked when I dropped Jaden off to his first day of Kindergarten. NOW, I can't wait til Jack and Jensen go!!!

Love ya