Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Just when you think you've seen it all, right?

Cannon is a boy who is always and forever modifying something. A plane into a rocket. A baby toy that pops plastic balls into an automatic machine gun. And he sets booby traps EVERYWHERE. He loves it.
We went in to check on him the other night and he had set up his very own "campout" on the floor. I am always interested to see what this kid comes up with next!

Harper isn't far behind. She hasn't had a walker since Christmas. She is a pro now at crawling and
cruising around the furniture. This week she took her first 5 steps! Pretty exciting!
So now when she wants to get somewhere that the furniture can't reach,
she crawls over and stands up next to the stool and scoots it to wherever she
wants to be. Funny baby!
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Nikki said...

What a smart little baby girl, figuring out that she can use the stool. I can't believe she is already that big!

Megan said...

Ha ha! I love that she is using the stool to get around... what a smart kiddo! And I can totally see Cannon changing the sleeping arrangements to his liking. What an imagination!

Erica said...

I love that Cannon made himself a little campout in his room! Nothing is as cool as finding yourself an awesome place to sleep like that. So cute! And Harper - what a cute girl!! I think you probably saw that I finally ended up tying my chairs to the table so Livvy would quit getting in to everything. Stinker bugs. ;o)

Kimmy said...

I can't decide if Cannon looks comfortable or not. Kids can sleep anywhere! Harper is getting so big. Too bad Elsie never realized the stool trick.

Stacy said...

Love those kids!! They are both obviously very intelligent. It's a sure sign of creativity when you can think of ingenious ways to use ordinary things!

Nicole said...

I love the campout he set up! Lexi used to do things like that. He had everything he needed around him; milk, silkies, notepad, etc. I love it!! Harper is getting too big! What a smarty pants :D