Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spruce Up

Yesterday, I was not fit to be around humans. Have you ever had days like that? Too cranky for words?

I was thinking I had a little too much chaos. In my head and in my house. I have one of those "lists". A kind of wish list. Lofty goals. Things you'd love to get done. So I've decided to actually cross some things off that list. And here is one.

I got this neat wicker basket at a flea market for 50 Cents! Needed a little work though, a little love. I thought it would be a great place to store my ever growing collection of vintage sewing stuff. (crapola) Oh well, I love it. Especially the old graphics on the sewing needles and kits!

I had some cardboard from ordering 8X10 prints in the mail. I slapped some Tacky Glue and some thin batting on them, and covered them with this cute cherry cotton print. (another thing on the list: use up supplies you already have!)

For the piece on the lid, I made some extra pockets. I hate measuring, and usually don't. I just slapped it all on, and sewed it. Then I put more glue on the backs of the cardboard and set them in their spots in the bottom of the basket, and in the lid, behind the existing storage flap.

Ha ha! I love it! And it took about 10 minutes! I inherited some neat things from my Aunt Linda, so I have the letters she sent with them in there too. See that little phone? It opens up and it's a little travel sewing kit!

So, some things checked off, and out of my head. I feel a little better now. :)

I'm a bit more human again.

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Erica said...

Yes. I've had days like that. And recently. :oP But look what came out of it!! That's the cutest place to house crapola I've ever seen! ;o) Next time you want to go to a flea market, call me and I'll go with you. You have a knack of finding cool stuff like that and I think the adult interaction would do us both some good. ;o) I love you!

Mandi said...

Look at you crafty girl. Looks so cute!

Nikki said...

Piper, that is super cute!! I hope today is a better day.

Mama T. said...

Nice work! You're one of the only people I know who can make sense of all the 'crapola' and make it something worthwhile.
I love you!

Kimmy said...

I would be happy with even a quarter of your motivation, creativity, and imagination.

I have those days all the time. I need a hobby! But how do you do it with a little sweet girl that won't leave you alone?!

Nicole said...

Very cute project! You are so creative and you usually make it sound SO easy!! Glad you are feeling better!