Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Tricky Treat

I whipped this up in about an hour yesterday, so I thought I'd share, and maybe it would get your brain going too!
Have you heard of Michael Mead? Well, he's got a cool crafty magazine. I found this FREE DOWNLOAD yesterday.
Then, I got this 6 1/2" wooden circle and some black and white polka dot ribbon at Hobby Lobby. (all whole rolls of ribbon are 50% off right now!) Posted by Picasa
Then a little crepe paper and some tacky glue, and I was off. It went pretty fast, just dotting and bending the paper and gluing.
The ribbon, being a little thicker, was trickier. I was wishing I had ironed it first, because I had to use Scotch tape to hold it down while the glue dried. BUT, I was happy with the "ribbon candy" effect afterward. So, that was it! And I glued my little pumpkin man on, and made a hanger on the back with some ribbon and glue!
He's pretty cute! And already up on my wall!


Nicole said...

Very cute Piper! That is something I think even I could handle!! Thanks for sharing :D

Erica said...

I love him! Super super cute! I may have to whip one up for myself this Halloween. I'm also looking for a fancy frame like the one you used to make your Halloween ornament display...that was my fave from when I saw it last year. :o)

Mama T. said...

You're so wonderful!

Crazymamaof6 said...

OH i love it! way CUTE! love the ribbon and crepe paper. very vintagey. super fab!