Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Frieda Loves Bread

Who doesn't love bread?? Hmmmm? Who loves bread AND can bake? Frieda! Frieda is married to a family/neighborhood friend. We have known her forever. The bonus? She's the daughter of my elementary school principal!!! The double bonus? She had a give away on her Facebook Page and I WON!!!

I even got to pick my prize!! Of course, cinnamon rolls, which we all love! They were hand delivered last night! With a tub of cream cheese frosting!

Can you see Cannon's excitment!!!

Mmmmmmmm..... yummy yummy in our tummies!! Thank you so much Frieda!!

Check out her website HERE.
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Vic and Al said...

Ohhhh those look divine! You are to kind, I would have not shared with anyone.

Frieda said...

You're welcome!

The look on his face and the 'finger-lickin' good' photos say it all!

Kimmy said...

Those look so fabulous!! And it isn't just because I'm on Weight Watchers. :)

Nicole said...

I LOVE cinnamon rolls!!!

Mama T. said...

Hooray! Super fun! Frieda is the best!

Nikki said...

Those look lovely!! I agree with Allison, I would have retreated to my room with the entire box, got in my jammies and then popped in The Holiday or Dirty Dancing. You are a good woman!