Thursday, February 3, 2011

Missing Johnny

My nephew Johnny left in May on an LDS mission. He is in Indiana. MAN we miss him! He is always the life of the party, always the 2nd loudest, (me being the LOUDEST), always the hungriest. Always there, always available, always ready to hang out. It's been an adjustment not to have him a phone call away!

We get emails from him every week. Luckily! In the beginning they were mostly filled with lots of hahahahahahahahahahaahahhaha's and :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)'s.

We nicknamed him "Speed Racer". "I've got to read my scriptures, hahahahahaha!!" "I need some new shoes, hahahahahahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!!" etc.

I always read the emails to Cannon.

Cut to yesterday: Cannon brought home his journal from Kindergarten. This one's all filled up, so he got to bring it home and start a new one at school. They write or draw in it every day at the beginning of class. They are free to write whatever they want. I PORED through every page. So funny, and heartwarming, to see what's on my son's mind.

There are 2 entries in a row about Johnny. There are no dates, so I can only assume it's soon after he left, and after reading a weekly email. Now, one concern I have, since I'm anal about spelling, is, well, his spelling!!! They have a new "sight word" program in the Jordan School District, and he can read ANYTHING, and he reads a full grade level ahead. So I'm wondering why in the world he can't spell. Oh well.

Anyway, I'll translate these pages to the best of my ability:
"That's Nuttin'! Ha Ha Ha!
I drew nothing! Ha Ha Ha!
I heard Johnny always say Ha Ha Ha!
And I heard that Johnny is on a mission.
I hope he is home soon"

Next one:
"Hi it's me Cannon HA HA HA I wonder
if Johnny has seen the emails.
This is Cannon until tomorrow."

Ah, my boy. I love him! And I miss Johnny too!
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Nikki said...

That is so sweet!! What a great idea for them to have the kids do journals at school. Genius!

Jenifer said...

Oh my cute. Clowds. :) I love the journals that my kids kept at school.

tren said...

I love it! My kids do journals at school, too. I ought to have them do them at home before bedtime, too! Cannon is such a cute character!

Kimmy said...

I love that! It's so fun to see what's on their minds and how they express it. His cute pictures and handwriting are the best!

Mandi said...

That is so dang cute.

Erica said...

What a little smarty pants your boy is! I love that he is reading and writing so well! But most of all I love all of the HAHAHAs stuck in there. I'd email those to Johnny in a heartbeat. What a sweet Cannon boy. :o)

Nicole said...

Awww........I miss those days. I loved nothing more than when the kids would bring home their journals and other papers! Love his writing and pictures. So awesome!

Mama T. said...

So cute!!! Ya, I'll admit. I edit Johnny's emails before I send them on. The hahaha's are getting less frequent. I miss Johnny, too.

Jack said...

I LOVE looking thru Jaden's journals too! I think it's so sweet, he finally gets away from me for a minute and BAM... he's already thinking of me! Anyway, super cute post!

Love ya,