Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easy Spring/Easter Craft

It's time to get the Easter decorations out! Hooray!
I have this space above my cupboards in my kitchen..... I like to change it out with the seasons. Sometimes that works out really well, sometimes NOT! This year, it's bugging me.
So, I went down into my craft HOARD and found 2 art canvases. One is 9X12, one is12X12.

I didn't have the paint colors I needed, so I got some at Hobby Lobby. So, this project cost me $4! Because I already had all of the other supplies.
So- two quick coats of paint.
Then Google "Easter Silhouette Images" and pick something you like. I had to enlarge mine on the copier, by 50 - 80%. Cut out your image and trace onto cardstock. Mine is Bazzil Basics, because I like the texture, in a nice chocolate brown.

And, to get them to stick and to give everything the same finish, MOD PODGE!! I like the gloss finish. :)
Two coats of that.
Then I swiped a twig from my yard for the birds and gave the bunny a nice bow.

The area isn't done yet, but it fills in some of that space nicely! And I can leave the birdies up past Easter!
So, run with it! I know you are all WAY more creative than me... it would be fun to see what you do!


Megan said...

These are SOOO cute, and I think they are simple enough that even I could do it! Love it!

Kimmy said...

I love that!!! Thanks for the idea. I might actually get some decorations up this year. :)

Al said...

You AMAZE me! So creative! The Cali trip looks fantastic too. SO fun to have those memories with your kids.

Mama T. said...

Piper, you're the BEST! I LOVE all the cute things you do! Thanks for being so stinkin' cute! I love you!

SSBenjamins said...

Way cute, I want to put up easter but I have such a full house since my brother and his wife and kids moved in, it's hard to go through all the stuff to decorate, so I will just watch how cute yours and everyone else's are Ü

Nicole said...

Aww, they are so dang cute! I may even be able to pull something like that off! I love your tutorials Piper - keep them coming!!

Jennie said...

Hi there!
I'm one of your box swap partners and couldn't resist visiting your blog! I love this idea and will be giving this one the ole Girl Scout try this weekend!

Best wishes,