Sunday, June 12, 2011

Top Reader

All year at school, Cannon has been filling out a monthy reading calendar. The goal is to read 20 minutes each day. Cannon is a wonderful reader, he reads over a full grade ahead! I always find him in his bed at night reading a mini book of "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", or his Halloween I Spy book. We have been reading the Harry Potter books together as well, so sometimes we go over the 20 minute mark.

Last week I got an email from Cannon's teacher, saying she had added up everyone's calendar, and Cannon had the most minutes!!!! I was so excited for him!

She said there would be a reading assembly the next day, where the certificates would be presented. But, the assembly was in the afternoon, and Cannon has a.m. Kindergarten. No problem! We could still go! I didn't tell Cannon why we were going. I told him that there was an assembly at school, and we were going because I had to take pictures at it. So, not a
full-on lie to my kid! ;)

Oh my, the excitement!! They said his name, and he SPRINTED to the front!!! Chief, the reading dog was there to help pass out the prizes. Cannon observed, "That dog likes to mess up everyone's hair!"

He got a pin, a certificate, some coupons and free passes, and he got to pick out a book. So, what do you do, when you win a book for reading? You sit down in the middle of the assembly and read the book, of course!

Harper about flipped when she saw Chief. She kept saying, "Oh, I love zat doggie! He have a hug for me! I want to hug zat doggie! I want to give him a high five!"

So her cute Aunt Stacy took her up so she could meet the doggie. (yep, he likes to mess up kid's hair!) And let me tell you, she was stoked. "YES! I did it! I knew zat doggie loved me!"

So everyone was happy, and rewarded, and I am so very proud of my reading boy!

Top reader, YAY! Way to go, Cannon Boy! (and, thank you , Aunt Stacy and Grandma, for coming to cheer him on!)
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Jenifer said...

Awww, LOVE IT! Love when kids love to read. Way to go Cannon!

Kimmy said...

Great job, Cannon! That is so awesome. It warms my heart when kids love to read. He'll have to read us his favorite book when we come down.

Nicole said...

Way to go Cannon!! LOVE it when the kids love to read!