Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Austyn's Sleepover!

Yesterday my great-niece Austyn came to spend the night! We have been planning this FOREVER!!!!! Finally, Cannon was out of school, and the time was right! My kids were so excited! I think they were even more excited about the sleepover than the 4th of July!

The whole way to pick her up Cannon and Harper argued over who loved Austyn. "I love Austie!" .... "NO! I love Austie!".... and so on...

We took her with us to play with some cute friends at Bear Park. Then we came home, had ice cream, and the kids played and played. Then we had pizza for din-din, and after baths we did pedicures. SO fun to paint Lou-Lou's little toes!

Austie entertained us with many stories, my favorite one began, "A long, long time ago, on April 26th, my dog Tilly ate a white spider!....."

Then we made some popcorn, and settled in the bed for a movie. I put on Ponyo. A Japanese film, which I thought was pretty cute. A bit looonnng in some spots, so the kids got a little fidgety. It was after 9:30, and I was wondering why NONE of the kids had passed out yet! High on sugar and excitement I guess.

Tinkerbell And The Great Fairy Rescue was on TV, and that settled them down very nicely. (even Cannon!) But still, 11:00 rolled around, and even Harper was still awake! So I gave up on her, and put her to bed. She protested for about 3 seconds, and then passed out cold. I should have done that earlier! By the time Harper was asleep, so was Austyn.

Cannon finally followed after the TV was turned off. :)

Luckily, they all slept in, and woke up to a waffle breakfast. After lunch, I had this great idea to make tye-dye shirts. YIPES. I have never done this before, and as I sit here typing with my blue and green fingers, I wonder if I'll ever do it again! HOLY COW what a messy process! AND... AND you have to wait 8 hours for the dye to set, and then wash the shirts before you can even wear them.... needless to say, all the kids bailed right away and I finished the shirts.. Perhaps I'll post pics if I ever get them finished!! Oh well, they'll each have a new shirt to wear anyway!

We love love love our Austyn!! She is the sweetest, funniest girl, and we can't wait to have her over again!!!

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