Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Cakes!

Harper turned THREE!!! That seems huge to me. Three is a big jump from two! She is very independant, opinionated, and very talkative. And very funny!! She cracks us up on a daily basis!

The Disney Dumbo movie was re-released this year, and Harper has fallen in love. She has 2 Dumbo stuffed animals, and she wanted a Dumbo birthday cake this year. Not easy to find!!! Obviously, there weren't any Dumbo options at local bakery/grocery stores. I couldn't find anything as far as figurines to put on a cake. Then, as a last chance, I talked to a friend of mine who manages a bakery at the Draper Harmons. SCORE!!! She told me it would be no problem, just bring in a picture. They did such a beautiful job! We were so thrilled!

Harper got to blow out her candles twice, because she jumped the gun and blew them out before we sang! So we re-lit them, and sang, and then she blew them out again.

We are so lucky to have our families around us! There are so many Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins in Harper's life who came to help her celebrate. She is loved, and she can tell.

She loved every second of her party! Her cousin Austyn stayed after to play. They tried out all of the toys, and played, and danced. So cute!!!

Today was Harper's actual birthday, and we decided to call my mom and go and see The Muppets at the theater. She seems so big in that theater seat with her popcorn, laughing at the movie!

And, of course, lunch afterwards at the good old Sizzler!

What a great weekend! Happy Happy THIRD Birthday, Harper Kate! We love you so much!!!
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North Salties said...

Harper is so cute! I love her cake! I can't believe 3 already. I agree, I think there is a huge jump from 2 to 3. :)

Erica said...

Oh my goodness, she looks all grown up! She's got great taste in hair accessories (that flower is SO cute), toys, and of course, the Classics. One can NEVER go wrong with Dumbo or The Muppets! Happy birthday, sweet girl!