Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Feller's A Speller!

Last Friday, Cannon came home and announced that he had come in FIRST PLACE in his class Spelling Bee! How exciting! We are so proud, and he was so proud of himself! He called his grandparents to tell them and we texted all the Aunties.

There was a list made available to study from. I didn't want to make him CRAM all weekend, so we just kept it casual. Reading and spelling have (LUCKILY) come pretty easy for him, so I think the notion of studying and memorizing big words was a bit different for him. The list included words from a 1st to 8th grade level.

Monday, there was no school. An extra day to prepare! And around mid-day, Cannon started to complain that his stomach hurt and he felt nauseated. The most dreaded words a Mother can hear!

CRAP! CRAP! I didn't want him to have the flu for his big day! But, I also was wondering if he had a case of the nerves.

Well, the poor thing didn't eat any dinner, and he HURLED in the middle of the night.
I figured, that was it, he would be staying home sick and miss the Spelling Bee.

To my surprise, I woke up in the morning to find my son had gotten up already. AND put his nice dress clothes on. AND his clip-on tie! ;) He thinks a clip-on is waaaayy cooler than a real tie! This is the same kid who I practically have to drag out of bed every morning!

"So I guess you're going to the Spelling Bee?"


"Do you still feel sick?"

"My stomach still hurts a little, but I want to go. I put my tie on, Mom."

So, off he went to school! To my surprise!
Greg had planned to go and watch him participate, and we told him that if he still felt sick, he could just come back home with his dad.

Oh the NERVES!!! Oh that cold sweaty feeling! OH the trials of childhood!
Cannon got up, and his word was "cheery". And the poor kid forgot the R! Dang it!

But then his stomach felt better. And he stayed at school. And he was fine. :) And now we know how to study for tests!!

He also got a cool certificate, and a pin. And THAT definitely made him feel cheery!!! ;)
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Erica said...

Just reading about his anxiousness made ME anxious!! WAY TO GO, Cannon, for sticking with it and being brave! You are amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Amazing. ;o)

Jenn Gray said...

Yay Cannon!

Megan said...

Cannon, clip on ties ROCK! Congrats of being a total smarty pants :)

Nikki said...

NO WAY... SEVEN!?! Already??? Happy Birthday to your little guy!!