Sunday, February 19, 2012


One thing Greg really wanted to do on this trip was visit his childhood home, and the neighbors that still live there.
I have often heard Greg and his family talking fondly of growing up on Jay Street, next to Toochie and Alan. We went to see Toochie and Alan, and I can see why everyone loved them, and still does after all these years.

Cute, cute people! Harper especially loved it there, because the had poodles, and chickens, and a cat! (oh my!) She was in Heaven with all the animals, and Toochie had her help gather eggs from the chicken coop, and she thought that was just about the coolest thing ever!

We always always make sure we go and see Great-Granny in Anaheim. Cute Grandma June. Harper was calling her "Grandma Junior" :) She is in her 90's, but still so wonderful! She is always fun to visit. We also got to see Greg's Uncle Dave and Aunt Jan. Love the family visits!
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Erica said...

Cute pictures! I love Cannon sticking his whole body off to the side on the last one. Crazy kid! And I'm loving the name Toochie. Sounds kinda spunky and sassy! ;o)

SSBenjamins said...

Way cute pictures, I think I'd like to visit- sounds like some entertainment. It's great to have old neighbors like that.

Kimmy said...

All the pictures from your trip have been so fun to see. It looks like you guys had a really nice, relaxing time. How fun to just drive around and see new things.