Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pinteresting Pennies

 HOORAY for Pinterest!
 It is well worth all the time you can spend on there!
 A while ago, I saw a project for making a "penny ball" to keep slugs out of your garden.  A natural remedy, I'm all for it!  I'm so tired of the holes in my Pansies and Hostas!  It's a regular slug buffet in my front yard.
The writer of the original blog post used an old bowling ball.  That seemed a bit much for a first try for me, so I found a metal ball at Hobby Lobby instead.  Small, and just right. 
We used some glue called "AmazingGoop". It was smelly, but it set up really quickly, and held the pennies on tight.
 We put our Penny Ball in the yard yesterday morning.  It looks really cool!  I hope it works just as well!
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Nicole said...

Awesome project for the kids! Let me know if it works. I need to do something about the slugs in my flowers as well.

Vicki said...

I wonder if you could use a styrofoam ball?