Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Party!

This weekend we went to the Nickel's Annual Pumpkin Carving Party! Greg and Melissa's new home was the perfect venue! They have huge wonderful trees that provided lots of leaves for the kids (and adults) to play in, and for once, it was a sunny Saturday! Those leaves were the biggest hit! The weather was so nice, we all converged outside to carve our pumpkins. There was lots of yummy food, and a fire for roasting marshmallows. We had a great time with great friends. What a wonderful fall celebration!


Jenifer said...

What great pictures! I still get jealous when I think of October weather in Utah. Sounds like a fun day!

Kimmy said...

What a fun idea! I love it when it's sunny in October...we had a nice Saturday as well. We're carving our pumpkin tonight. Hopefully it will turn out cute.

Lissa said...

It was such a great time! I am glad you guys were able to join us! Here is looking forward to next year! :)