Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fly High With Ty

Tyson with the Katana, a 2-seater airplane!

My cute friend Tyson took my sightseeing! I felt so lucky to be up in the clouds looking down at all the beautiful scenery. I was so intimidated when I got there! All these dudes talking in code!! I heard lots of letters, like CFI, TSB, XYZ, etc. It was all Japanese to me, and I was confused. Then I had to sign a paper saying I wasn't a terrorist! Hee hee.
Then we go out to the plane. And it was SMALL. I mean TINY. I thought I was going to crap my pants! But you know what? I got in, and buckled up, and sitting next to Tyson, I knew I was so SAFE!! He checked and double checked every button and flap,(not mine!) and I knew we would make it back in one piece. I just sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed this rare experience!! The take off was smooth, not scary. He is a steady pilot!! We flew through Provo Canyon, and Heber, then around through Midway and over Park City. We were about a mile off the ground, so we could see everything so clearly. It was so cool to have a different perspective on the place we live!! Then over Salt Lake and Sandy, (I saw Costco!) and then back to Provo, and a nice landing! No tummy tickles or lunges, we were just suddenly back on the runway!! How cool! And how cool to see my cute pal in action at what he loves to do!! So cool to hear him talk to the tower, and say, "Wolf one-seven, Katana niner-eight- seven, we will be departing north to west at one-three charlie bravo" Yes! They actually say niner! I loved every minute of it!! I highly recomend this adventure if you ever have the opportunity! Thanks Tyson!
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Kimmy said...

That would be amazing!! I would be nervous about getting sick, though. I'm glad you had a great ride.

Lissa said...

I am so glad that you got to do this with Ty'! You have been talking about it for years now. Cute pics! I love that Tyson is wearing his pilot shirt!!! CUTE!!!!

Amber Feller said...

LUCKY!!! I am jealous! What a ride!
Stopped in and saw the old hood! Your mom looks great! You gotta call me!

Jenifer said...

How fun! It's funny, Nate was able to do this a few years ago with one of his friends and we were just talking about it yesterday! He said it was one of the coolest things he has ever done. What a great opportunity!

Natalie said...

ok - I admit I would have been peeing my pants in a plane that small, but you look very official with your headphones on!