Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Lots of things to be thankful for this year! I think it's important to name a few:
* GREG: he makes life so easy and calm. I never have to worry about anything. I know he loves Cannon and I more than anything in the world.
*CANNON: my cute boy. my peace baby. He is so funny and loving, and most of the time a really good boy. I will be the best person I can be to set an example to him!
*FAMILY: I love knowing where we all came from. It's good to have roots. We all know each other so well, and we share a history.
*AUSTYN: it is wonderful to have a baby around all the time! She is so feisty! She helps me remember to just forget about everything and sit on the floor and play. She brings out Cannon's tender side. He is always watching out for her.
*FRIENDS: I believe that no path crossed is an accident. My friends are my family that I have chosen.
We are all intertwined, and I feel lucky to have them.

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Lissa said...

What great pictures!!! You are way too cute!

Amber Feller said...

Piper you are amazing! I love how you are able to remember even the simple things about life! I definitely know we crossed paths for multiple reasons. Love you so much!