Friday, May 16, 2008

Big Fun With the Wises!

Aaron, Kim, and Elsie are in town! Aaron's birthday was on Wednesday, so he's having a birthday week! Yesterday the boys went golfing, for some father son bonding and frustration..... then we all went to Texas Roadhouse, Aaron's favorite. YEE HAW!! Yummy meat and potatoes! Then we came back here and I just stared at those cute kids! Cannon was pretty good. I think he only got wild with Elsie twice... (Sorry Kim!)
But didn't Cannon snap the cutest picture of Elise with her hand on her chin! I love it!

Man he is getting big.... yesterday we were both talking at the same time and he said, "Go ahead" What? When did he grow up? He also told me on Wednesday: "Don't worry, Mom. I know you're a little bit upset about Dr. Handsome, but you can go to my doctor! He takes care of little boys AND babies!"
I love that boy so much!

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Jenifer said...

Dr. Handsome. How precious! How fun to get together! Cannon is certainly a big boy now. He'll be great with the baby!

Kimmy said...

What a fun day! I love that picture of Elsie and it's even better knowing that Cannon is the one that took it.

angie said...

how cute are you piper! miss you.