Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rock Hounds!!

Yesterday Cannon and Greg went rock hounding!! Greg was excited, he has been researching this and getting supplies ready for a while now!

I stayed home, thankfully, I had a resting day. I've been having some bleeding and I'm supposed to be taking it easy. Plus I am SICK SICK SICK!!! Mostly in the evening and at night. I feel like I felt the last time, so maybe it's a girl? Thank goodness for Pepsi and Phenergen, that's all I can say.

Any way, the boys were off on their adventure, and Cannon was apparently excited that he could pee where ever he felt like peeing. Wouldn't you be? They had fun drinking out of a cooler and eating sandwiches in the car. Greg is such a good Dad. Always planning adventures.

Alas, they came home without any treasures. And Cannon threw a rock at his daddy's head. Oops.
They'll try next time to hit the mother load! Hope they do!
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Erica said...

Rockhounding...sounds exciting! I bet Cannon and Greg had a great time together! Glad you're home taking it easy...please call if you need anything!

Anonymous said...

What a fun little outing. I'm sorry that you are sick. That is no fun. I'm sure its even harder with having to chase Cannon around. Sleep it off.

Nikki said...

That comment from Eric was really from me. Blogger on this computer always logs him in instead of me.

Jenifer said...

I wish I could pee anywhere I wanted to. Hope Greg's head is okay! Feel better! (Your baby has limbs now!)

Nicole said...

Sounds like a fun adventure! What a great dad Greg is!

Lissa said...

Rock hunting! What a fun time! I really need to get my girls out there one of these days!