Friday, October 17, 2008

Last Game

Last night was Cannon's last T Ball game, and it was the BEST!!! What a good game, and a big prize at the end: A TROPHY.
Cannon has been in heaven ever since! He told us it's made of real gold and it's shiny because someone waxed it. He is sooo proud of it, and he carries it every where. He even had us take it to show Papa Johnny Mack today! It's fun to see him so thrilled!

It's so fun to see all these milestones, and watch him grow up and get so big. It makes the parents proud too.
He's doing more and more on his own, with other kids and not Mom and Dad. I'm happy to see him interacting with others so well. You never know, right? Just teach them the best way you know how and send them out into the world! Sometimes it feels like jumping off a building, but it always works out! Luckily.
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Erica said...

WOW, whoever waxed that trophy did a fantastic job! Very shiny gold, indeed. ;o) Congrats to Cannon! What a great kid!