Sunday, June 14, 2009

Holy Flippin' Fun!

Last night we drove CLEAR to Mapleton to Jeff and Nicole's for a BBQ! I decided I LOVE having family that lives in the country! Sorry guys, but you'll never get rid of me now!

We had the best time hanging out! Jeff is such a cute Uncle! He was jumping on the tramp with Lexi and Cannon.

Then the kids had to wash their feet after because they were totally BLACK. Aaaah, that takes me back. I remember my trampoline days. I remember a neighbor teaching us how to do back flips and her tube top fell down! Yipes! But, every kid in our neighborhood could do a back flip on the tramp! If I tried now I would just pee my pants.
Does Brayden look like he's wishing for death? I don't think hugging and kissing him is the way to become the favorite Auntie. Oh well! He took the kids to see his lambs, Cannon thought that was so cool! Thanks, Country Cousins! We had the best time!!
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Erica said...

Too cute! I love the story about the tube-topless neighbor! ;o) I would love to see you do a backflip on the tramp - I bet you could still pull one off! :o)

Kimmy said...

Jealous!! I love family time!

Oh man, I used to a do a mean flip on the trampoline. I haven't been on one of those in a long time. I'd probably pee my pants as soon as I started jumping. He he.

Nicole said...

We had such a blast with you guys! Love the picture of Jeff upside down in midair - cool! Jeff gets such a kick out of Cannon (really we all do!) - what an awesome kid he is! I loved the story about the tube top lady that night - I about peed my pants right then without stepping foot on the tramp! Can't wait for next time!! Love you guys :D