Wednesday, June 3, 2009

At The Park

This park used to be called Adventureland Park. It's in Highland I believe. The city bought it and now no one is sure what it's called. One garbage can said "Highland Glen Park" and another one said "Gayland Park" Gayland! Funny.
Anyway, this park has it all. Ducks and geese to feed, fishing, ponds and rivers and walkways and pic nic areas. It's really great. And it's a paradise for Cannon and all his boy cousins. We went today with Pink WaWa, and some of the aunties and cousins.

I lost sight of Cannon for a few minutes. I thought, "oh, he'll be fine, he's with his older cousins" Oh was I wrong! He came up the trail drenched and covered with twigs and river debris. Luckily, only up to his neck. He had a spider dangling off his ear. He calmly reported, "Well, I found a really deep part of the river and I almost drownd-ed." WHAT???!!!!! "Yeah, and I had to hang onto the weeds to get out." Oh my goodness! The more I think about it, the sicker I get! Yipes. THANK GOODNESS he was okay!

I love a baby in a floppy hat!

See this innocent looking stream?????

And this is cute baby Elizabeth, our cousin Heather's little one. Isn't she cute? I'm excited that she and Harper get to grow up together.
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Nikki said...

Yikes, that was scary. At least he was able to be calm and get himself out. Geesh, its stuff like that that makes you want to tie a leash to your kids and attach it to you wrist. Ha! It looks like a beautiful place!

Erica said...

And just yesterday we were talking about how we'll hear these giant crashes quickly followed by "I'm okay!" or "That didn't hurt!" Terrible accidents can happen, but 'luckily' (*wink* - though not as funny when used in the right context, right?) kids are very resourceful and resilient. And a very fervent thank heavens that he's okay. Love you guys!

Kimmy said...

I bet they had such a great time together, and it looks like it was a gorgeous day. Thank goodness for family! Good job not drowning, Cannon. Scary!!

Nicole said...

Man, what a scary time for Cannon! I love that he calmly told you that he about "drowned-ed!" What a scary thought for you. Glad you had a great time with everyone!

Jenifer said...

Just when you think you can relax for a happy he is okay! Aren't boys so funny and matter of fact?