Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Our sweet baby Hunter John got to go home last night!!! Hooray! He was in the NICU for 5 days. He came 5 weeks early, so he was there to watch his vitals and to help him eat.

We went to see him today..... OOOOOHHHHH the tiny precious boy! He was 5lbs 4oz when he was born, and a bit smaller now. Isn't he so so sweet? He looks just like my nephew Ryan when he was born! And all that cute fuzzy hair! I wanted to just eat him up!

Hunter's super crafty Grandma Tammi decorated his room. I mean BY HAND.

Look at the cute letters for his name!

AND she CUT out and PAINTED this cute tiger! There are also all other jungle animals on cute plaques around his room.. too too cute!

Think good thoughts for our baby Hunter! He needs to get big and strong and get off his tanning bed!

His cousin, JT, is still in the NICU. He needs your EXTRA good vibes. He was born at 25 weeks. He's just about 4 weeks now, and is up to 1lb 11oz. Cannon has been lighting a candle for him every night. Thanks!
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patti barlow said...

so so super cute. thanks for sharing lifes precious moments with us. I love you. Patti

Nikki said...

What a handsome little guy! Geesh, you really do forget how tiny they are when they are just barely born.

Stacy said...

Oh so precious! Love love love all those darling kids!

Kimmy said...

He is a doll! And that cute!! She did a great job.

Erica said...

Oh, you forget how small a baby can be until you put them next to bigger kids! Look how grown up Harper and Cannon look next to that sweet little baby boy! That room is ADORABLE. You have some mighty crafty people in your family! And sending best wishes and prayers out to little JT!! Love you guys!

Nicole said...

What a precious picture of all the kids! I am glad he is home and doing well. Very cute room for a very cute baby :)