Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey for me, turkey for you...

What a perfect day! I laughed so much my voice is scratchy! We were with my inlaws this year. It sure was theraputic to be with my sisters in law and commiserate about being married to WISE GUYS!!! They are all slowly turning into their grandpa.
Nicole and I

Sylvia and Jeff

Loved it! All the fun, and the cousins, and the YUMMY food, and the wonderful desserts! More pics tomorrow, I don't know how to do more than 4 at a time!

Harper and Elsie
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chiefwiseguy said...

Hmmmmm .... Turning into Grampa ?

Kimmy said...

We had a great day, too! We love being with you all.

Nicole said...

What a great time we had with you all! Thanks for a great day. Love you all!

Nikki said...

What a great day to be with family. The kids look adorable!

Jadie Jaden Jack said...

Piper you look so damn cute and your babies are darling!!! I miss you tons.