Friday, July 9, 2010

Caught In The Act

Don't you love it when you catch your kids being nice to each other?

The other day, I "caught" Cannon reading to Harper. My heart melted! I'm so thrilled to see how much my kids love books. (They got that from me :))

I think Cannon is liking this Big Brother gig more and more. As Harper gets older she's more interactive. He loves it. She copies everything he does, good and bad! He is always so patient with her. (He got that from his dad)

I am so glad I captured this precious little moment. I'm sure some days I'll need to remind them how much they enjoy each other!

Reading IS Fundamental after all, isn't it?
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Nikki said...

That is so sweet!

Erica said...

Makes up for lots of the frustrating moments, doesn't it? I love it. It makes my heart melt, too. :o)

Jenifer said...

Too wonderful! Love it! Cannon got the best of both worlds, patience and a love of books!

Ben Jadie Jaden Jack Jensen said...

Well now that I have to shave my legs again! Thanks for the chills and the awesome story!

Love you!

Nicole said...

What sweet kids! Cannon is such an awesome big brother!

Mama T. said...

Sooo cuuttee!! Love those kids!