Saturday, July 3, 2010


On Wednesday, Cannon got to go to Lagoon with his dad, Uncle Jeff, and Cousin Lexi.

Can you imagine a luckier kid? They were gone ALL DAY!!!

I think they rode pretty much every thing, although Cannon says he doesn't recomend "The Spider", because it spins around too much!

So funny! They all had a good time, and Jeff even won a snake for Cannon.

What a fun day for all of them! I'm so glad Cannon had a great first experience at Lagoon.
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Nikki said...

Oh... I saw puff the magic dragon coaster!!! That was always Pieter's favorite. I'm glad that Cannon got to go and have a good time.

tren said...

HA! We were at the amusement park yesterday, and when Tom and the kids were next in line for the spider, a guy puked all over it! Needless to say, they didn't end up riding that one.

Nicole said...

Jeff and Lexi had such a great time with Greg and Cannon! So glad they all had a great day of fun together!!

Erica said...

How fun for Greg and Cannon to go to Lagoon together! I bet they had such a great time!! :o)