Sunday, August 22, 2010


Have I mentioned before that my husband is a great Dad? He is so involved..... a quality which is very important to me. He and Cannon have a great relationship, with many similar interests. They love to hang out together, and get in the dinky truck and just go off on adventures.

Today they went to a Bees game. Greg is trying to pass on the tradition of getting autographs, but Cannon gets too shy to talk to the players. Greg loves taking awesome photos of the players, then going back and having them autograph the pics he took. Pretty cool, huh? I'd name drop, but I have no clue who or what.... which is why Harper and I stay home and paint toenails! :)

Last week, Cannon did a 4-day golf clinic at River Bend. HE LOVED IT! I love it! You can't get injured. You have to do math in your head to keep track of your score. You develop hand-eye coordination. And, I think you have to be fairly graceful. It is a very manners-oriented game. You have to be patient. Perfect, if you ask me. You have to be 6 to be in the Utah Junior Golf Association, but Cannon's skill and height let him in before the mark.

A while back, (BEFORE the controversy) Greg found Cannon a set of Jr. Tiger Woods clubs. Well, my boy loves them, because they are his favorite color, red. LUCKILY! I'm sure I'll have to one day have a conversation about this, like, "go for the cash, not the ass" if he starts to say he wants to be like Tiger. ;) We'll see!

I am so proud of this boy! And he loves his dad! We all do!
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Mama T. said...

What a blast! The kid's got great form! Hooray for Greg and Cannon! Awesome dudes!

chiefwiseguy said...

LOOKING GOOD !!!! I better watch my back, he will beating me like his Dad does !!

Nicole said...

What a cool thing for them! Greg really is a great dad :D

Nikki said...

What a great dad!! I think it is awesome that he takes time to be one on one with the kids. So sweet!

Kimmy said...

What a stud! Maybe Cannon will make you some big money some day. :)

Erica said...

I think Greg AND Cannon need to go golfing with Stan! Although Stan might be a bit rusty...I'm sure Cannon could beat him in a round of golf by a mile. ;o) I love Greg's and Cannon's grand adventures. What a pair. :o)