Thursday, August 12, 2010

Granny Kate's Mirror

Today would've been my Granny Kate's 94th birthday! Harper Kate is named after her. Granny was FEISTY! and SPUNKY! and SASSY! And, so is my daughter. Granny Kate would watch Golden Girls with me and explain the slut jokes. Granny Kate taught me how to flip the bird. ("if a man ever says 'prove your love', you give em one of these! :extend middle finger:)

When Grandma sold her house, I got her hand mirror. It always sat in a basket in her bathroom that had her curlers in it. It even has a smudge of the pink that her bathroom was

Recently, Harper found it. It was tucked away in a cupboard, and she found it. She is fascinated with it. Not so much with the reflection, but the mirror. I re-hide it, and she finds it again. I try to take it away and she gets MAAADDD!

So, weird, and not so weird, right? I guess the piss-and-vinegar will carry on through yet another generation. And that's just fine with me!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! We miss you and love you every single day!
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Marie said...

Your Granny's a looker! And I love her get-your-hands-off-me advice :) Is she your moonshining Granny?

Nicole said...

Granny Kate sounds like a woman after my own heart!! I love all the neat heirlooms we inherit from our grandparents!

Ben Jadie Jaden Jack Jensen said...

Amazing post Sugar britches!

I love you,

Erica said...

Those pictures of Harper are priceless. That mirror is priceless. The stories that tie Granny Kate to your little piss-and-vinegar sweet pea are priceless. Definitely weird and not so weird. Maybe a bit more not so weird, though. :o)

Mama T. said...

Great memories! Harper knows where she came from! I'll bet she and Granny Kate had a blast in heaven before Harper came here.