Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mom's Birthday

OH, I am behind!! On Sept. 25th, we had a birthday party for my mom. She turned 70!!!! ANd she does not like to admit that. Too bad, I'm telling! ( She doesn't know how to get on the internet anyway!)

So we pissed her off by having a party for her. Well, not really, but you know Kathy, she does NOT like any fuss to be made over her! But WE all loved it!

We kept it small, a dinner at my sister Stacy's house, so that made my mom happy. All she ever wants is to have her kids and grandkids around.

See the proof? My son, my nephew Ryan, and Ryan's son Hunter all huddled with WaWa helping her open presents.

And my mom got a letter from my nephew Johnny! WITH pictures!! ( a hot commodity, he's on a mission)

What a happy day for us all to be together Happy Birthday to our sweet mom. We would be very lost without her! And look, another birthday treat! Ryan and Lacie! Hugging! Smiling! Long enough for a photo to be taken!!
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Mama T. said...

A great time had by all. We love our mommy!

Nicole said...

What a cute mom you have! Glad you could all get together with her!