Friday, October 29, 2010

Star Wars: Episode K. Luke Goes to Kindergarten

Today our little Jedi headed off to school. BIG GIANT FUN!! A party in class, lots of treats, candy, coloring, and games to play. And then, MOMMY'S FAVORITE: The Halloween Parade.
And, yes. I cried. I don't know why. I'm just a mushy Mom I guess. Oh the sweet little mini kids! Oh my boy! Marching in a parade. Almost too much to take!! Grandma and Grandpa Wise came with. Does Harper look like the happiest girl in the world or what?
This is the best picture I got of Cannon in the parade. Perhaps there's good reason for Greg to always say, "Uh, honey, just let me take the pictures." Although, I did get some good video.
I snapped this pic because WOW. What a great Jack Skellington! I think the head was made of plaster or something. Cool huh?
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Mama T. said...

Yaaay! What an awesome Luke Skywalker. Super fun!!

Erica said...

I totally cry at stuff like this, too! They're just so cute and suddenly so grown up! I think Episode K is my fave of all the Star Wars movies. ;o)

chiefwiseguy said...

I think that big headed guy was the Jack in the Box guy, but his hat fell off.

Vic and Al said...

What a handsome Skywalker! That is so fun his school does a parade! Conner's school isn't allowed to celebrate Halloween. Only us evil devil worshipers celeberate it as a holiday you know. ha ha