Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Bunting/Banner

Crafty time! I'm still on a roll with using up scraps, so I decided to continue the momentum from the Halloween banners and make some Christmas ones.

I loved the Felt Festoon idea from the Inspired Ideas Magazine. But I wanted something bigger.

So I got out my wool felt and cut some holly leaves. Then added some little seed beads. I like to use invisible thread, then you can't see how messy the sewing can be. ;)

I cut more triangles from fabric, placed them right sides together and left the top open to flip them right-side out. Then after ironing them, I used more invisible thread to sew the leaves onto the white triangles. I added some red sequins and beads for the berries.

I ended up with 9 triangles for this one. I used a package of red wide double-fold bias tape and pinned it all where I wanted it. (3 yards long) I love this because it's easy, and you tuck the triangles right in, sew a quick straight line, and everything has a nice finished edge.

I left some room in between for some little scraps of ribbon, and now it's up on my wall!

Easy EASY! And cute!
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Nikki said...

Those are REALLY cute!!!

Megan said...


Kimmy said...

Come to my house and decorate, please!!

Nicole said...

It really is darling! You say it's easy, but you are very talented!

Mama T. said...

Darling. You're so wonderful!

Erica said...

First of all, I can't believe I missed this post on my blogroll! Three days! Ack! Second of all (and most importantly), I LOVE this. What a great use of what you've got and the seed beads on the holly are too cute. I love your decorations!!