Thursday, December 9, 2010


What happens when the Mommy goes downstairs, and puts laundry in the dryer AND checks her email???? (We're only talking 15 minutes here.)

Baby Cakes goes into the bathroom, opens the topmost drawer, and removes ALL of the tools. Yipes, we've got a lot of scissors! And SHARP cuticle nippers and clippers.... and she brings them all the way out into the living room and lays them out, surgical-tech style... nice and neat!

Looks like she dissected a fishy from the "Gone Fishin'" game as well.

Luckily, she managed NOT to hurt or cut herself. Or the leather ottoman! OH MY!

But. Look, Mommy! "lips!" She was only looking for the lip balm. I guess that's the hard way to do it!

***** She's coming downstairs with me next time, and Greg's gonna crap when he sees this post! *****
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Mandi said...

She's two right? That looks just like something my two year old would do!

Erica said...

Ack!! I hope Livvy's scissor fetish isn't rubbing off on Harper! How cute that she was just looking for some "lips." She is one smart little girl! :o)

abode said...

baby cakes! that's what i call my niece! love it.

Nicole said...

So cute! Glad she did not cut herself, her hair or the ottoman! Funny.

Mama T. said...

Oh the innocent child!