Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Fun Easter Craft

Gotta have one to do with the kids, right? I found this cute idea on the Martha Stewart website HERE . She used REAL blown-out eggs, of course, but we decided that wooden and papier mache eggs from Hobby Lobby would be more user-friendly.

We invited our cute neighbors over. This cute girl is in Cannon's kindergarten class. I pre-painted the eggs the night before so they could get right to work. I let them choose from birdies, chickens, chicks, bunnies, and baby bunnies. A little bit of glue, felt and a few embellishments, and ALL DONE! Super cute and super easy! The bunnies are my favorite, with their cute bunny teeth!

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Erica said...

Oh my Piper!! How adorable! Great idea to use the wooden eggs instead of anything real! Genius! This is on my must-craft for Easters here on out! Love you :o)